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pastel pills

by immortal nightbody

Heaven sent we represent that Uncut dialectic intellect   Subverted expectations of A flagrant weird ass nigga Pure distilled purpose I don't spit bars I spit the end of fucking civilization I spit that tesseract, that dark chalet Those steel beam foundations Origami folded from straight from sheets of polished titanium If Trump's re-elected i'm unaffected I stay out here wreckin' Still brazen, Taipei 101, stackin, peep the architecture You need some shit bro ha i'll be sure to getchu Not the plug but i am the whole connection Trouble from all directions I just work my angles, bitch I work them angles If i'm in danger Like i'm tom wiscombe Hairs on the weed red and curly It's that debra messing Lightning bolts of xans and coke, We call it that manic depression Taste tested flavors of the united states of oppression Nightbody the pope don't go playing with your fucking blessings Immortal head of class, today's lesson: Get your weight up, get to flexin Struggle muscles, Stay grounded in your hustles And even if all of the sky (Of time) Is caving in on your head WE MIGHT BE WATCHING ROME FALL IN REAL TIME
Thought is also an action Emotion an invalid strategy Keyboards and clicks: a reaction Not really known for it's efficacy Partake in fruits of the capital Luxury, comfortability The screen on my phone keeps on kraken All of us moony drowning in the lunacies None of the movements are moving me Don't want to teach but you down to speak You need some new techniques Or xanadu's gonna be outta reach All these people lost they minds I'm gearing up for darker times And all I know is Epstien didn't kill himself Politicans just wanna get wealthy Apparently pig is bad for your health So are the drugs in the city Nothing will change if you're always fucked up But i'm fucked up because nothing really changes Sex Crime Class War Weinsten, Wexler Ehud Barak A Saudi Crown Prince And Somebody's Daughter Ghislane Brought Her Made That Offer Find A Lost Girl Honey Pot Her Then You Toss Her Don't Take No Losses That's How It Works That's What You're Worth Out On These Streets Low $tatus Birth Twi$ted & Rich They Really Think They Rule The Earth Tho It's conspiracy until you realize It's a plan, nigga, this is real life Epstein didn't kill himself Politicians just wanna get wealthy Apparently pig is bad for your health So are the drugs in the city Nothing will change if you're always fucked up And i'm fucked up because nothing really changes
red on pink 02:02
I was sitting the car with my left sleeve up I was getting needles in, i was getting fucked up My skull starts singing and the cops pulled up We sat still as fuck They wasn't looking for us Black tar hit harder than your father did Can't stop pawn shop robbin' do not buzz us in By the time yo ass look up we walkin' out with shit We kept it going selling stolen shit on craigslist Too many schemes Triple beams Benzodiazepines Corner stores Pad locked doors Waking up on Bathroom floors Mama's tears Nights on tilt Head in the sink Red on pink Nostril blood on Pastel pills "No guarantees in this life Get higher faster don't stop" But it was so much slower in that lane Cos we were going nowhere I was reckless so what Told over and over "it's the end" I was nodding out at the bus stop Where was armageddon? Long beach lab rats Whole summer on xanax Only reason i know that 'Cos I don't even remember that summer Brain matter scattered like prism light Crystal petalite Twisted in the pistol Til it was a clear liquid Kept me up most nights Read a lot books around that time Losing my mind I was getting dumber Fiending against all reason Believin I should start Huntin my dealer's runners Shoulda seen it It was something And i was in it for the come up Then summer was over, I was older and I was sober, ain't that some shit Bullets missed friends got hit All i got was over it Yes i was reckless so what Told over and over "it's the end" I was nodding out at the bus stop Where was armageddon?
sexy losers 03:34
Enjoy me while you got me I think we both know this ain't gonna work out Just make sure to put me back where you found me When you're done with me, baby Ain't been in a sober state of mind Since 2005, my only plans for the future Are to keep staying alive Plus there was that night I tried to overdose on purpose Woke up on the toilet, it was noon But I don't think anyone noticed I'm just joking, i'm not broken Just a used condition No interest in convention or traditions I look good just not on paper But i know how to satisfy Your hedonistic mesolimbic Dopamine pleasure systems Baby listen I hope you don't think because you fucking me You gonna jump up in life and disrespect my boundaries I don't like crowded spaces All that small talk That's why I'm home a lot The only steady job i got is rockin' optimistic Nihilism filtered through a point of view of social cynicism But we can fuck eat talk fuck drink pop molly Crash a party for an hour Then go back home and fuck I can turn this bedroom into a dungeon and wonderland Heaven or las vegas, baby, Bali or Afghanistan Drain you of your fluids Got you looking like you got consumption Fuck till you can not function i can dominate or take instruction If you got problems we can talk about 'em no judgments But miss me with that drama Don't wanna meet your mama She gonna ask me where i get my money from She doesn't need to know and no she can not have none
Say what you mean Speak from your bones Dominos Table to tile City be wild Learned to cope Showed up with grams Slammed that shit down What's up now Money on hand Left about ounce At the house Don't look confused Got drugs to consume And abuse Always asleep No pillow My head in a noose Dreaming about when The city was people I knew I feel the distance When i am home But i'm resistant to life Losing track of time and places Names and faces escape me Believers in groups seekers alone I'm walking the streets i'm checkin' my phone Desire and regret my only opponents The bars are closing my night getting started I'm half in the bag for my dearly departed Country of pain is keeping me guarded The beauty from those wounds Only blooms in the moonlight gardens Coming at you live From solar cycle 25, nigga Where living for truth Is a slow motion suicide nigga Old ambitions, never even made 5 figures And memories run deep In an ocean kissing concrete I feel the distance When i am home But i'm resistant to life
Pretty kerosine Mama looking mean Drippin yoga flame Throwing bolts, molotov Have you seen her At the galleria On attack Snatchin fendi off the rack Out the back door I need to see you touch Your body politic I need you see you take it Then give and run it back for me I know it seems You have no control Over it We're getting close Feels warm to me Let the city burn Wild in the streets Violence in your speech Set it off It's the dying dream They burning effigies Coast to coast Mask for skiing you be seeing But we not hittin slopes So much shattered glass You'd think it's stone cold coming thru Pigs in guillotines Grab a billionaire by the throat On rodeo drive Fuck rodeo drive Loot it up Gucci smash and grab Throw the ATM on the truck Curfew begins We is breaking in Don't give a fuck If you having doubts Dave Coulier cut it out Ransack the place Swoop the brand names Then we bounce Mass disruption Direct action


released September 29, 2020

all lyrics, production, mixing & mastering**: immortal nightbody

**except for "tom wiscombe cold open"


all rights reserved



immortal nightbody Los Angeles, California

Immortal Nightbody is a Los Angeles native and rapper, singer, and producer whose work has been glowingly reviewed by Bandcamp Daily and KCRW.com. He combines vintage and modern drum sounds, lofi synth patches, and alt bass riffs with biting commentary contained in witty raps and goth-inflected singing. ... more


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