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by immortal nightbody

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I ain't trying to buy no home Still ain't paid my student loans When the block was hot it was fuck degrees Chopping coke and smoking roaches, Spent EDD on 14Gs, that KFC on 7th Street That's where my mistakes were made Right next to that donut shop BAC was elevated, felonies per-meditated Squandered god given gifts Swallowed vodka by the 5ths Wore chrome on the wrist Burnt spoons in the kitchen I ain't ever gonna be rich But I beat a pussy vicious All Day Wanderlei I'm a Killer in the clinch If I front you a sack don't pay me in 1s Don't approach if you ain't got the funds Dialectics really slaps but I want a throne of racks, ABGs in my lap, glass full, an empty plate, Rising up to meet my fate, with Volition, volition, volition, volition, In this way conveyed Down stream the corridor Garfield to Downey RD 111, One Way Left over to Remain Can't really call it, man Flip a coin, Find a vein Yeah you used to know me, man But you don't know me now This is me grown You don't know me like that That's why we ain't coo no more Time displacement Don't look back, that's crazy That's past tense, that's faded Woke up on that pavement? Guess who's dead Was just here, that's crazy Woke up on that pavement Guess who's dead ;) And death see me But I release me When YAMA pull up It's gonna be on time
My singular purpose is swerving perfect Cell games free radical divided by survival I can't take that ride, nigga, that's a suicide Dr pepper with the lemonade Internet hate machine I'm on everything Wage theft is violence Anthropocene psychosis Microchips on shoulders Crypto number keys Urban sprawl is calling me The plastic in my bloodstream needs release You can be a dove or you can be deceased Fight the case in court or do it in the streets Can't save face from the gamengiri Identity in pieces, it's a stolen ID People think I'm crazy cos I'm barking loud Dog is off the leash, cops are clamping down If you got a problem, come and chalk me out Bitch I'm Michael Douglas and I'm Falling Down Falling Down, Falling Down Bitch I'm Michael Douglas and I'm Falling Down Economic viability my worth is killing me So many types of lust that I could touch But none are feeling me Bitch we outside and we insecure There's power in the pain when the pain is pure Basic instincts keeps the fire lit Rather be a diva than a little bitch People out here violate Lie in wait and annihilate Your happy ass for half a bag How could I ever learn to trust again? Fair weather face, you are not my friend Used to go out and now I'm going in If they got 20 million let 'em hang If they got a couple billion it's the guillotine 5G tower in my brain I’m data mining scheme And I cannot be redeemed Like the killer in Scream ;D
Survival guilt pops got buried in the bible belt We only know death when the time is killed We all get played when the cards are dealt There's a shadow sitting at my table Pale white horses in my stable Bright blue skies in a body bag Suspense and apprehension, hypertension Tourniquet around my neck All these knives up in my chest Are expectations and regret Devastation destination Don't know where I'm going Don't know who I'm serving Don't know what I'm doing Life is for the living I'm just hope I'm learning
You not impressive talking bout those lessons that you didn't learn This that butter for the greens Bitch, welcome to the churn Black tiger in the night with stripes that I really earned Give me my respect point the tech at a technocrat Luncheon loaf white label elbows off the table Screaming truth from the roof This is not creative This is for people eaten by the system and then shitted out See no fear in the mirror You want smoke you can get it now I hate to call you out But I'm about it I don't fuck with clowns You do it for the culture But I'm out here really culture jamming Upper middle class Multi-hyphenated Ambitious No you didn't switch Bitch you was never really with us Activism for the brand Fist over hand, You don't understand Everything is poison So poison's the plan And I'll land on my feet All my licks paid in cash you can't tax that Cash app card at the pharmacy for cash back Don't talk to me unless you sold drugs to your family For a '03 Toyota Camry I hate to call you out But I'm about it I don't fuck with clowns You do it for the culture But I'm out here really culture jamming
Real nigga lawless came from the darkness Drugs all up in my pockets Must've crossed your god on the wrong way home Walk right through a gauntlet of cops in they coffins Nigga what's covid? profits are poppin can't stop me Grown adults fiendin "heard you got the molly Don't do it often but tonight I need it" And I'm the desperate type of pusher to supply it i won't deny it While you in my mind I'm gonna let the expletives fly These are prepared statements compile execute at the dais Hip fired a lot of my shots and i still got one in the chamber The fate of a hater is the sword of a stranger It's the singularity Nothing left but to Stay stimulated in the simulation Articulating Storms/Stores and boredom and bedlam Drunk silhouettes Writhing on strobe lights Against dollars signs Mark of the beast unleashed Cujo on the bone Sin eater gotta eat Risk my health Grip my wealth Spectre of death Haunts the sunlight flesh
Kamikaze Friday night my tongue is white i think I'm rolling My paradise not lost that shit was stolen Bitch don't ask me where I'm going I'm going in All the shit i been thru Better put me in that new bible Heaven's closed but you know Magdalena's legs are open I'm going in And I'm not asking for forgiveness this is my city I'm moving peanut butter smooth cos it's mad gritty Mix the pleasure with the business Make your passion your profession Leave the opposition trippin when I'm dripping I'm a shadow when the sun is low Peaking and won't plateau Quintessential flawless I'm flossin regardless Is that the abyss? aw shit that's me, bitch I'm going in I'm going in I'm going in Idle eyes idolize real lies that sound true God's plans & devil hands serve the work that you do I'm going in Sometimes it's point 8 with the bag Call the cops bitch I don't really care My vision blurry and I'm eyeballing grams I'm in the field, and I don't carry scales Lost angels in her glory is the story an open wound Don't pray to the east, keep dreaming of peace Don't sign a new lease, don't expect a mecca Without some smoking wreckage on the temple mount The future is distant and insistent on a sacrifice Resistant to prediction I'm addicted to these sins of omission Nightclub feels like cage Pop them pills spin the wheel Get fenced in hop the gate Watch the last century fade
I ain't tipsy bitch I'm fucking wasted I should’ve stayed in, now I'm half in the bag You know I'm up to no good Black asperita clouds city like a shroud Just pulled up where you niggas at now Half an ounce ain't gonna be enough for me She out here naked like a curse word See those green lights I wanna serve her I was swerving, now I'm on the curb Getting calls from numbers I don't know I'm drunk and I'm desperate The poison Doesn't work anyway I don't wanna function If you ain't tryin to fuck lemme alone Don't send me no DMs or text my phone Said I'm going sober but I lied I'm out here getting higher than sky DJ played my favorite song and I relapse Things have gotten out of hand I know that Man that ain't heater that's prop Plus that's not a dealer that's cop
Drink from chalice no chrysalis? That's what you think Resurrected from wounds on exit That's a new lane A season's passing circle traffic That's a new road Walk with terror into my area With some new codes And I hope you like it wet Cos I sweat Float on weakness & never sink Bitch that's what you think Pulls of tonic it's exotic it's that agua If you found me and I was drowning Now you know why You an insulated bitch And the sun don't got no meaning God was talking couldn't hear it Y'all was at the galleria In human blood found a cure iI our exasperated doom x2 Control yourself It's not end times? Now you know you lying Live or let live Kill or killed kill Shit, Should left it in mud Once touched by Armageddon I don't feel it anymore No, i didn't hear you, sir It only told me once And I don't hear it anymore It's the voice of the beginning Drugs that got your doctor spinning I don't feel em anymore If you ain't got it, you ain't got it You ain't gotta talk to me about it Bitch, I don't feel anymore There's no center in my core Face level with the floor Death standing at the door Keep holding me Keep sleeping Keep me sleeping on that street See that's where we all gonna be sleeping While there's solid ground I ain't waiting around China white and golden brown Of course there's a difference But live and let live Kill or be killed


released April 8, 2022


all rights reserved



immortal nightbody Los Angeles, California

Immortal Nightbody is a Los Angeles native and rapper, singer, and producer whose work has been glowingly reviewed by Bandcamp Daily and KCRW.com. He combines vintage and modern drum sounds, lofi synth patches, and alt bass riffs with biting commentary contained in witty raps and goth-inflected singing. ... more


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